Sunday, October 29, 2006

summer's with you

you climbed in my trunk after we went fountain hopping. i stole a sign. and put it in your yard. we played spoons. and ate ice cream. after i got home i talked to you on aim about all the stuff we did. and all the things we didn't get to. i'll look back and smile when i think about summer's with you. i died your hair pink. you made me an egg sandwhich. we pulled a double feature. and then sang spice girls songs all the way home. strip club barbie, need i say more? crazy lady's house. screaming game scares old people. let's go to target. tarot readings and porn star shoes. i'll never forget why "i hate fucking sleepovers!" fountain tag and imaginary tennis. there's pictures to prove it. ouija boards and line tag. followed by your sarcasm, or was it mine? we ate chipotle and made harry potter pornos. we didn't get to the ultimate slip'n slide but, hey, there's always next summer.

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