Sunday, October 29, 2006

settle down

i settled for you because i couldn't have him. how stupid was i? look at what a fool i've been. i gave you the shot that i never had. to be with the one that's out of your league. don't fall for me, cause i'll never love you. your just my distraction to get him out of view. now, you've done it, you fell for me. i broke your heart. how tragic love can be. i made you cry. you pushed me down. i hate your guts. how does that sound? and you think it's fun to piss me off. and bully me around. but you still want to know why we didn't last? you bored me to death. the words, "pansy ass moma's boy" come to mind. and you think you've changed. that you're hard core. but i see through that. you're still the same wimpering baby. that's right, cry to your mommy. cause i don't need your shit. couldn't deal with it when i was with you. won't put up with it now. you think you're so great. you re-awakened your religion. well guess what? you did nothing for me. i knew myself. and you got mad, cause i knew you too.

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