Sunday, October 29, 2006

mean cycle

he thinks he's so cool. got a comeback for everything. lookin' good in his baggy blue jeans. but he's just a jerk. he uses you. take a breath. it's hard to release. look into his eyes. did they swallow you too? you think you need him. i thought that too. don't fool yourself. it's not you he wants. just like you, he wants the one he'll never have. it's almost funny. the way we are. one guy wants you. he'll never get you. you want his best friend. that'll never happen. he's got his sights on the pretty girl who doesn't know he exhists. and it's a mean cycle. they call it love. you win some. you lose most. but hey, that's life. now he's listening to this. he wonders if i'm talking about him. guess what, i am. because even though i hate him, he was my past. and the funny thing is, i hate him because he never loved me back. but how many guys are saying the same thing about me? why does love suck? we can't find no one to love. or maybe we can. but they're not the one we want. and they will chase us until they realize we'll never be more than friends. and just like i hate him, they'll hate me. because i was the best they never had.

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