Sunday, October 29, 2006

constant stream of thought...

i need to know i'm not alone. i need to know that someone still cares. nothings how it was supposed to be. not how i planned. i wish i didn't feel so bad. i don't know why i do. why i can't ever be happy. i just need to know i'm not alone. the tears come. i can't make them stop. it's a release i need. but what caused it? why can't i be happy? someone once cared. but now she's gone. am i alone? please say i'm not. tell me it'll be okay. the pain will end. i always wish for happiness. yet it never stays long. please tell me i'm destined for something greater than this. i'm alone and no one can help me. i'm a wreck and no one cares. you'll never know how much i love you. how much i miss you. i just need you here. take my hand and hold me tight. never let me go. let's fly away to never never land. we'll never grow up. we'll never remember the pain. i'll always love you. you haunt my steps. i'll never be rid of you. and i don't mind. you were the best i never had. it's sacred. i hate you more than you'll never know. you're irresponsible and inconsiterate. you won't let me hate you. you won't let me love you. i'm losing my mind. who's here to let me know it'll be ok? they hate me for the one thing that could make it alright. i'm a person too. i can't do it on my own. i am losing control. i never knew it could be like this. never knew i'd be so unhappy. i lost sight of myself. lost sight of my dreams. you'll never except me. i'll never measure up. i need to freak out. do something stupid. i can't breathe. i need to know i'm not alone.

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