Sunday, March 11, 2007

the sun was never cold.

wish i had something to say to you to make it all seem alright...i'm at a loss...i've got $7 dollars in my bank account...i'm nearly out of gas...and i'm homesick for a home that i can't find. i wish i knew we would be ok..that things would get better..but, right now...i don't know anything. i can see the veins in my fingers glowing green. my hands are cold. and my heart is cold. and my soul is cold. it rained here this morning. and i wish it was still raining. i wish it would rain forever. i just want to close my eyes and sleep it all away. i'm turning my ipod up louder and louder to block out the world. i'm a con artist. i'm selling lies..and they're buying them like it's oxygen. but i'm the most genuine con artist you'll ever meet. i'm the heartbreaker with the broken heart. i swear he felt my heart dying. i'm numb...and i hate that more than i hate the depression. at least when i was depressed, i knew how i felt....i don't know...i have no feelings..i feel dead inside. i'm sure i'll be fine tomorrow. and so will you. we'll be fine, because.i don't know..we just have to be ok. we will be.

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