Thursday, March 01, 2007


driving across the bridge...i think i could drive off the edge...and i might. i'm sobbing now, and i can't make it stop. cry me a river? no, i'll cry you an ocean. i don't even know if i believe in arch angels, but i'm praying to them to protect me. i'm losing my mind and all i want to do is cry myself to sleep. where is the burning? i want the rage to kick in. let it burn me up inside. i want you to see just how far you've pushed me. i want to stop cowering in the corner, praying you'll get hit by a bus. and, yes, i really do want you to die a horrible death. you walk up to me and smile. you're pushing me over the edge and smiling the whole time. and the worst thing is, you know it. you'll do everything in your power to get rid of me. oh god i want to hear you say..i want to hear you say that i'm so much better than you. and i'll write a song about you. i'll sing it every night. i'll scream my hatred for you until my lungs bleed. somewhere, you'll be choking on every last thought i'll shove down your throat. nail your coffin shut. i'll set fire to your body and let the maggats take the leftovers. you're nothing. and i'll remind you of that every god damn day of my life. revenge is best served hot. fresh from the oven. watch your skin melt from all the revenge i'll serve you. don't you wish you were me? i'm consumed in flames. i breathe them in. take a deep breath. you'll choke on the smoke. you'll never be able to handle it. it will destroy you. i thrive on it. it's the only tool i can use. i'll see you in hell. i'll be the one wearing flames like skin. watch me burn. and i'll rise.

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