Friday, April 13, 2007

life despite god...

it's been forever since i've bled my soul. i'm ready to let it take over again. it's time. i'm nothing without it. i've got a chill right down in my veins. they shiver and shake into my bones. i move to the pulse of the song. sing my troubles to life. her voice is rough and scratchy. the sound of my soul. here comes the rain. i'll get soaked and i don't care. my eyes are tired and my mind is tired and my soul is tired. i need to sleep endlessly. but i love the torture. keep me up. run me down. light the candle. extenguish the flame. love is a battlefield. i'll shoot you dead. break you apart. build a mosaic from your shredded heart. bruises on my arms tell the truth. just because you like a person, doesn't mean they're good. please say i'm good at what i do. tell me that it's never gonna be the same. tell me someone's listening. sending wishes and prayers up to the stars. message failed. please re-send. what goes up must come down. down down down i go. and i'll rise up again. i'll rise until it's done. don't let it end. i want it all for myself. i won't stop until you know my name. i won't stop before i become your god(dess). i won't stop until your prayers are sent to me. until i'm amongst the stars. look up into the sky. do you see me looking down? do you feel me in your dreams? i'm losing faith in truths. faith in lies. in lies faith. i have faith in you. don't loose faith in me.

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