Monday, February 05, 2007

runaway love

i'm ready to run. standing on the edge of everything. i look down. am i up for it? i step back. it's a long way down. am i sure i can do this? but i have to. there's nothing to go back to. it's time i faced my fears. the emptyness is creeping slowly up behind me. i can feel it's cold breath on my shoulders. it's ghost hands reach out to grab my arm. stop me from doing this. i feel a light feather of ice brush against my hand. but it's too late. i run. run until my lungs burst. i hit the edge and jump out. i'm terrified as i fall. i see the ground racing to meet me. just as i feel it's too late, i'll surely never make it, i feel the rope hook. my body bobs up and down for a few minutes. but i made it. that's all that matters. one down. a million more to go. i'll just keep truckin on. check marks litter a page. when it's full, i'll let go. move on. see mary. until then, i keep going for the rush. my feet are rogue agents. they roam for the next big fix. the advance with the most potential wins my attention. just keep swimming. there's a strong current coming in. stay strong and push through.

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