Monday, February 19, 2007

you want to live? you better figure out your life.

what ice does that cut? it's time to use the gift i've been given. i've put if off for too long. they beat me until i saw black. all the time, i could defend myself, but i wouldn't. i had the power to change it. i could manipulate the energy around me. send a ripple of change through the universe. he asked me once, "why don't you use it?" i still can't answer that question. not really. because i was weak. because i was afraid. because i didn't think i was good enough. didn't want to make a mistake. it is better to regret the things i've done than the things i did not do. waiting on the sidelines. i'm not even on the team. screw your team. i don't want to be part of a team. i want to be on my own. it's time to let the star shine. get out from behind the moon. let the moon shine in her own space. i'll get my own. i want you to look at me and know i'll be better than you. i'm not so good now. but the seasons have to change sometime. a new breeze is pushing through the trees. let it wash over me. through me. cleanse me inside and out. let the gods reside in me. let the power show in my eyes. push talent out through every pore in my skin. let it ooze over me like a protective sheild. i'm a forcefield. try and stop me. i'll be past you before you even understand what i am. i'll climb the ladder and burn it from the top down. you feel the heat pulse past your face as the ashes collect at your feet. squint your eyes so the light doesn't blind you. i'm burning this world down. you'll see my outline walking away through the smoke. one last look over my shoulder before i disappear. i'll never go back to the graveyard where i left myself. i am reborn. a cat gets nine lives. wait till you see what i do with the next eight.

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