Sunday, December 24, 2006

merry christmas...i could care less...

it's six hours away..six seems to be the magic number this year for's been six years...six years since you left. six stars for six years. i'm twenty-two now. so were you. by the time it's done, i'll have twenty-two stars for you. twenty-two stars to save the souls of the lost. maybe one of those stars will save me. maybe one already has. when the blessed mother reveals herself, she'll have a star on her tummy. where will my star be? one star saved us all. that's what we're told. and sometimes, i believe it. it's a wonderful life. sometimes i believe that too. everything seems so pure in black and white. jimmy stewart holds the key to happiness. we're parallel lines. happiness is a drink served warm. hand me a mug, i'm parched. what is it you want, mary? you want the moon? why don't you kiss her instead of talking her to death? kiss me and i'll give you the moon. maybe tomorrow. it's all a thread. it's breaking. i'm hanging on for just a moment longer. don't let go yet, broken angel a million miles away. i'm with you. if i can hang on for just a bit longer, so can you. we'll hang on to each other. the world is spinning and we're flying off. grab my hand. we can save each other. i'm ready to be saved. i'll give you a star. second star to the right, and straight on till morning. i'll give you a star if you give me the moon. forget the moon, i'll give you whatever you want. just don't let go of me. don't leave me alone. i want a boy who can breath life into my soul. let my tears flow onto your shoulder until there are none left. give me the strength to be vulnerable. i don't want to hold myself up anymore. i want someone who will take care of me. remind me that it'll all be ok. cause we're together and that's all that matters. it's all we need. all i want for christmas is to know that you'll be here when i wake up. we're sleeping in separate beds in separate cities. where ever you are, i'm sleeping next to you. i'll dream of your arms around me while i sleep. feel your chest rising and falling with each beautiful breath you take. merry christmas baby. i'll be right here when you wake up.

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