Thursday, December 07, 2006

till kingdom come

for you i'd wait. till kindgom come. i felt those words flow through my veins. it bleeds from my mouth, like the air i breathe. i saw you looking down on me, and i know you're there. you are with me always. i carry you like a ring on my finger. i'm married to the dream of the person you thought i would become. but i'd give it all up to go back and rebuild the past. there are so many things i wish i'd said. i wish i could tell you how much you saved me. come back and save me more. you were the compass to my map. without you, i'm lost. i'm walking in circles and the sun is going down. i'll look into the stars and see my god. my heart has gone cold. it can't break no more. it's sugarglass. shattered in the hallway of life. don't look down. just step around it and pretend it's not there. i miss the strength you showed me. be my razorblade. i'll be your cutter. bleed me dry when the sorrow comes swift. you had faith in yourself. faith in me. you saw me, not for who i was. but who i could be. the tears flow like fire down my cheeks and i know you feel it too. are you still guiding me? teaching me? giving me the strength to push on? i left that world behind. it was just too hard without you there. i'd fight my way back in if it meant you'd turn around and give me something to hang on to. the waves crash on my feet and i'm falling fast. is this what if felt like to see the melody? i was a child jumping to your footprints. the sand is washed away. i'm left standing on cold rock. cut my feet open like the wounds you endured. i'm looking for a reason to speak. something to make my heart beat. my pulse stopped when you left. and nothing makes sense anymore. the frigid air of the end bites at my skin. i would live an eternity if i could find where you've gone. don't go. just say you'll wait. you'll wait for me.

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