Monday, October 15, 2007

long live the car-crashed hearts...

trying to sleep in the car. realize my eyes won't close cause you're there. feel like everything's gonna be ok. the world is crashing down at my feet. the zombies are closing in. running. running. running. just trying to stay alive. and when i finally run out of breath. i look up. and there's a field. do i die in a field, or keep trucking on? sleep. sleep. sleep. night closes in and the zombies are back. it was all a dream. but for mere moments, forgot the terror. i found my safety net just now. thank the music. thank god. thank you. wish i could carry my savior around in my pocket. for now, i'll steal moments alone w/ you. just good to know you're still out there. i missed having that comfort. i miss you. i miss what you meant to me. i'm spinning fuct like the music will spill out and surround me with a protective spell. nothing makes sense anymore. i can't control anything. yet, i control everything. i'm blind in the dark and the batteries in my flashlight are starting to fail. but i cling to hope. you're out there. feel my way through the forest of fear and helplessness. i'll catch your hand soon. just have to keep going. the world belongs to those who choose to hope. i've got the whole world in my hands.

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