Tuesday, November 13, 2007

i love you too..

got the doors stuck in my head. break on through to the other side. god, what i wouldn't give to break on through to the other side. things are good. things suck. making friends who actually give a shit. got someone to walk the path with. walk until our feet get tired. we'll find our way out someday. for now, we'll just stick together and walk. it's fall. the trees are my soul. gold and red and dying. feel the chill in the air. it'll be time again soon. one year ago i couldn't see the end. now i can't see the begining. wish i had something to call my own. someone. the phone's been ringing, ain't no one answering. ready to feel the pain again. i've missed it so. when it comes, i'll be ready and waiting. there'll be peace when you are gone. go now in peace.

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