Thursday, August 16, 2007

she paints me blue...

so scared that you'll do something rash. please don't let it take you. fight it. fight with everything you have. you are a warrior. we both are. i feel the fire rise up in me. keep my strength. hold it in just a little longer. it will explode forth like the furies of hell. but not yet. wait for it...wait for's done. why can't you see that it'll all be okay. looking at you, i see myself. i'm reaching out a hand to you like someone once did for me. please, take my hand.
all by myself..but not alone. felt like i belonged. i do belong. pushing my way into the crowd. pointing the lights all on me. turning on. it takes a minute, but soon, i'll be lit up like jesus raining down from heaven. wake little children. wake. the time has come to take a stand. to fight. freedom and happiness are the sword and the arrows. dreams come true are the targets. practice. practice. soon, the war will come. take a side. and fight till the end. blood, sweat, and tears are the sacrifice we all must make. sacrifice yourself on the altar of faith. give over to the unknown. darkness is nothing but the absence of light. here's a match. light the world.

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